Glen Dodd, CLU

Founder and Senior Wealth Advisor

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“When people first walk into my office, they have no idea how things are going to work out.”

That’s how it’s been for more than 30 years – since Glen hung out his shingle in 1990. Here’s something else that hasn’t changed: Glen’s rock-solid belief that there is always a solution.

“They have investments all over the place. Their stress level is up at the ceiling. So I take them through our whole process and I can see the smiles appear on their faces, when they realize that everything is going to be alright. That they are going to be safe.”

There it is. The core belief that is the basis of everything Dream Harbour does: everyone’s dreams should be safe.

As Glen says, “anyone can sell a mutual fund.” But at Dream Harbour, they do Total Package Planning® – a rigorous, comprehensive and proprietary financial planning approach based on more than 90 years of combined knowledge and experience. It means they never stop exploring new opportunities for you, they make certain that every one of your dollars is working as hard as it possibly can, and that you always fully understand what you are invested in, and why.

Dream Harbour Wealth Advisors Founder and Senior Wealth Advisor, Glen Dodd

Total Package Planning® requires meticulous attention to detail and straight up hard work – which is really the embodiment of Glen: “I don’t do anything halfway, and I absolutely love what I do.”

It’s a love that has him working seven days a week – doing at least a bit on the weekends. “My clients need me and I know my phone will ring with requests for advice on a big purchase or something else that has happened in their lives. It’s what I do: I meet them where they are in life, and take them where they want to go.”

Famously responsive, punctual and never a waffler, Glen’s vision is to give more than he gets. He and his wife, Karen, a suspense novelist, live on Howe Sound in the village of Lions Bay, BC. They have become deeply attached to their community, support the Lions Bay Arts Council (“it feels good for the soul”) and supported the successful campaign to have Howe Sound named a UNESCO biosphere, helping to preserve its beautiful ecosystem.

Glen and his family have been deeply affected by cancer and have raised money for research that will lead to its elimination. He said this about his clients, but he just as easily could have said it about all people: “I want them to feel confident, and I want them to feel safe.”

Glen is registered with Portfolio Strategies Corporation.

Up close and personal with Glen at his home in coastal BC.

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