Mike Tsuboi

President and Senior Wealth Advisor

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No different from millions of Canadian boys, Mike imagined one day playing professional hockey.  It was indeed mostly a dream, and it was put out of reach by a serious car accident at age 18.

There were three surgeries, and three months in hospital. And then two years on crutches when he couldn’t do much – so why not go to university? It was there that he made an important discovery: other than play pro hockey, he could, in fact, do anything he wanted.

Upon graduation, he went to work as a junior financial planner in White Rock and then started his own advisory business in 2007.

The accident had taught him that life is short. That everything can change in an instant. “I take care of myself, and I take care of my clients. It is extremely important to me that they feel their dreams are safe.”

For Mike, it’s about wringing the most out of every opportunity. Outside of work, as coach of the Greater Vancouver Canadians under 18s, he wants to extract every ounce of potential from these ambitious players, many of whom want to play pro hockey themselves. At work, “my whole thing is about optimizing clients’ assets, making every dollar work as hard as it possibly can – by taking advantage of leverage when the market timing is right.”

Dream Harbour Wealth Advisors President and Senior Wealth Advisor, Mike Tsuboi

Mike’s clients describe him as highly accessible and a careful listener, and working with him as a collaborative process. That said, they never wonder what he ultimately thinks. “I am very close with my parents, who have always been direct with me. That’s where my clear communication style comes from. I am going to make sure you clearly understand what you own, and why you own it – because people need to understand their risk.”

“And here’s another side to that clarity: I tell clients that if somehow, I don’t beat the market over a number of years, they should fire me.”

Glen believes that outcome to be very unlikely indeed, as Mike is scheduled to take over leadership of Dream Harbour upon Glen’s retirement in 2025.

As Glen puts it, “We met in 2010. I got to know him, and I find him to be brilliant in terms of his thinking, in terms of his financial planning and portfolio construction. I trust him to the ends of the earth.”

Mike is registered with Portfolio Strategies Corporation.

Profile shot of Mike during sunset hour at his home in downtown Vancouver.

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