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Protect the legacy you leave behind. You can’t take it with you, but you can do the next best thing.

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The foundation of developing an estate plan is to create a will. The goal of having a properly drafted will is to ensure your assets will be distributed according to your wishes and that your loved ones will be properly provided for in a tax-efficient manner. By creating a will, you can avoid unnecessary costs, delays and the undesirable results of intestacy (dying without a will), while gaining the ability to choose the executor of your estate and the guardians of your children.

You put a lot of effort into acquiring wealth, so doesn’t it make sense to ensure your interests are preserved after you pass away? Dream Harbour can help with the creating or review of a will that satisfies the necessary technical requirements, as well as addresses the intricacies of anticipating and providing for your unique situation. Regardless of your age or the extent of your assets, creating a will is not something that should be postponed.

Being Prepared

Even with a properly structured will, it may be the case that your family still requires financial assistance due to expenses from either critical illness or your untimely death. You may not have had the time to accumulate the wealth your loved ones will require in your absence, or those funds may have been exhausted due to illness prior to your passing. Fortunately, there are a number of cost-effective insurance instruments that can integrated into your financial plan to take of these concerns.

Whether or not you have family to pass your assets to, you might want to consider a donor-advised fund or a trust to continue contributing to charities that will greatly appreciate your ongoing support after death.

Protect Your Legacy

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We use our 4-step planning process to determine how to best build and protect the legacy that you wish to pass on to those you most care about, in a manner that meets your specific requirements and philosophies.

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