Lexus Whitmee

Whatever problems may come her way, whether at Dream Harbour or in her personal life, Lexus takes them in stride.

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Correction: in her mind there actually are no problems, just solutions.

Not surprisingly, then, Lexus is very confident in her work. As Mike Tsuboi’s assistant, she works with him, with clients and with fund companies to process trades.

“Just as our brand foundation says, I feel like there is always a solution. I feel like I am good at putting the puzzle pieces together. I always feel so accomplished at the end of the day – it always feels good to check something off the list. And every time, it helps you learn.”


Dream Harbour Wealth Advisors Administrative Assistant, Lexus Whitmee

Born in Los Angeles and raised in Abbotsford, Lexus indeed embraces new learning opportunities. She enjoys boxing and will do something like a soap making class on the spur of the moment. She loves to cook, and she used the pandemic lockdowns to watch videos and figure out some new dishes. She has also attended UBC Sauder – to earn her real estate license – and plans to study for the Canadian Securities Investment License.

As her eight years of background in hospitality might suggest, Lexus has empathy for others – a crucial trait she brings to her role with us.

“It is your money. It is your retirement. It is fair for you to be concerned about it. And that’s the bottom line of why I like to work at Dream Harbour. Because here your dreams are safe.”

Lexus is not registered with Portfolio Strategies Corporation.

Profile shot of Lexus enjoying the sunset in downtown Vancouver.

Here your dreams are safe®

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