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Introducing Nels Nelsen

“This harbour is my new home,” is just a six-word preview of the many nice things Nels Nelsen had to say about joining our team here at Dream Harbour last month. We couldn’t be more pleased about how well he’s already fitting into our family.


In fact, Nels’ beloved dad, Derek Nelsen, was a good friend of mine before he passed away suddenly in 2019 at the age of 53. He was a stupendous financial advisor for more than 30 years, whom I learned a great deal from, and it’s clear those lessons have shaped the way Nels does business, too.


“My dad was the epitome of reaching out to clients,” says Nels. “He always wanted to make sure they felt safe. My dad didn’t come from a lot of money, so he worked really hard so his clients and our family – could have the lives they wanted.”


After a Bachelor’s in Sport Management and a Diploma in Business Management from Camosun College, Nels soon began following the financial footpath his father had walked, becoming a Financial Security Advisor at Freedom 55, and then a Financial Planner at IG Wealth. Even before that, in Nels’ earliest years as an informal apprentice, he absorbed his father’s approach like a sponge.

As he refined his skills and followed his beliefs through the field of finance, there was just one thing that began weighing Nels down: a struggle to find colleagues with the same values.


“What I learned from my dad was that helping clients comes first and getting paid comes second. It’s a big part of the belief system I see in Glen and Mike. That’s what makes this harbour my new home.”



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